Winter snow

15 feb 2021

Yesterday I saw a lot of beautiful snow pictures from all over Pilion on Facebook. Here in Kalamos however there was no snow.

In the late afternoon it slowly started snowing and this morning we woke up to a white world. So beautiful.

But there’s also a lot of damage; on our way to the horses we cleared the road from a few large broken olive branches. We saw lemon trees already heavy with almost ripe fruit split in half. And at the field we had to repair parts of the fences. I did not know snow could be so heavy!

The horses were fine and enjoyed their breakfast in an open spot, away from their feeding area covered with snow laden trees. The sun came out and it was so warm I could take off my gloves!

And it was stunningly beautiful 🙏❄️✨💫☀️💖

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