caroline @ living with horses in greece

About me


It is my belief that what is needed in the world now are people who are living from their hearts, who are connected with nature and with everything around them, and who strive for happiness and joy in their own lives and that of others. For many people this requires a change of perspective from who they have learnt to be in our society to what they truly are. A change that is not always easy, but always rewarding.

My part in this play of life is to connect myself and others more deeply with our inner truth and wisdom, so we can walk the true path of our life. This is the first pillar of the programs I offer. Connecting with nature, connecting with horses, connecting with ourselves. 

The second pillar is teaching respect and value for life, for nature, for animals. We as humans are only a part of the large interrelated and intelligent organism of life. Every species has its place in this organism and needs to be respected as such. Being with horses has taught me that a respectful, honest and open approach can lead to intense togetherness. Walking in connection (with oneself, with the horse and with everything around) is a truly joyful and deeply satisfying experience. I love to share these experiences with others.

The third pillar is enjoying life. Living life in lightness, in trust and joy and ease. We make life more easy, the work lighter.



I spent most of my working life in Amsterdam, first as a movie translator and later as a professional gardener making organic gardens.  Meanwhile I had started a training in working with horses and this caused an upheaval in the way I experienced life and myself. A journey of discovery unfolded that continues until today. 

Relevant trainings and experiences:

  • Terra Natura School for Essential Horse Communication
  • Intuitive Communication with Animals, training by Mirjam Diepenbrock
  • a few clinics with Noora Ehnqvist
  • various meditation courses and workshops, of which the online at home retreats by Rupert Spira I consider the most important
  • For the Love of Animals, a workshop interspecies communication by Anna Breytenbach and Brad Laughlin
  • for a few years we guided walking groups around Pilion
  • I am a certified masseur
  • guiding meditations in a local group
  • at the moment I’m learning the Trust Technique