The winter field

29 january 2021

What a lovely sight this morning, arriving at the winter field where the horses are now and seeing they were there!

Last week this was not always the case – they broke out of the field five times. We were puzzled, we could not find where they had left. The field is partly surrounded by a wooded area, which is so dense we did not have to fence it. Or so we thought. It took five break outs before we found something like a small open part they could have used as a way out ☺️. Clever horses! Now it seems our new fence is working.

We’re very happy with this winter field. It is a long abandoned olive grove with big old trees, overgrown and partly taken over by woodland. We cleared the paths, made a shelter for the horses, and arranged a feeding area under some shady trees. It is close to a lot of fields we can take them to for walks, and close to the beach.

Happy! ☺️🙏❤

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