Pilion is a peninsula in Greece, halfway between Athens and Thessaloniki. An area with many wells, so there’s water, even in summer time. You will find streambeds with ivy hanging like lianas from plane trees, and ferns and metallic blue dragonflies. Beech forests cover the higher areas like a bright green blanket. In olive groves the greyish green foliage forms a lovely contrast with the purple blue of thyme and the pink cistus flowers on the ground. You will stand on village squares and look out over the glittering sea from under majestic plane trees. Pilion, where according to mythology the gods took up summer residence. And where today’s Greeks fortunately have kept tourism small and sympathetic.

Our basis with the horses is in the small village of Kalamos on the Pagasitic coast. It is a quiet village, surrounded by endless olive groves. There are a few nice places to stay and eat, there are numerous beautiful walks to make in the vicinity and small quiet beaches to have a swim in the late afternoon or to spend a relaxing day. The nearest larger village is Argalasti, a few kilometers up the hill, where you will find shops for your daily necessities, taverns and café’s,  and a market on Saturday mornings.

We made a website with walks for Pilion, please see www.pilionwalks.com

pelion in greece
beech forest in pilion
village square argalasti, pilion
coast line kalamos, pagasitikos
water fountain lefokastro pelion
view from kalamos in winter
beautiful nature pilion
walking pilion
tortoise pelion


kalamos village pelion view

Kalamos is a very quiet village for nine months of the year. It has a few permanent inhabitants, both Greek and foreign, and a lot of temporary inhabitants who live elsewhere and visit the village during their holidays. In summertime it is very busy, many people rent out rooms and the beach and restaurants are full.

The soft climate of the area makes it possible to be outdoors for a large part of the year. In March it can still be a little chilly but nature is awakening. April and May are incredibly beautiful months, filled with an abundance of flowers and birdsong. This is the time of the year for nightingales. In June temperatures start rising, but it is still very well possible to go for walks and spend time outside with the horses. After the hot and dry summer months September and October can be a little rainy, fall is setting in with its fresh colours,  flowers and soft temperatures. And even in wintertime there are many days where outside activities are well possible. The light in winter is wonderful, the skies are incredibly clear and the sun is never away for long. So for long periods every year this is a lovely place to be, to enjoy nature and peace and quiet.

kalamos coastline pelion
kalamos village church pelion
kalamos village river mouth
sunny sea water kalamos pelion
kalamos in the afternoon sunlight
main street in kalamos village, pelion
seaside taverna at kalamos, pelion
sun's splendour in kalamos