living with horses in greece

After a lifetime of living and working in a big city, we now live partly in Pilion, Greece. Uninterrupted quiet, vast open spaces, nature in its continuously changing seasons unfolding on our doorstep. Our six horses have enriched our lives in ways we could not have imagined. Being with them, learning about and from them, sharing them with others, taking care of them in a way that meets their natural needs… we have never felt so alive and full of purpose.

Now we have begun the adventure of offering walking weeks and retreats with our horses in this magical place with its creative and slightly rebellious energy. Programs that will connect you with nature, with the intense sensitivity of  horses and with yourself, and that will open your heart and bring relaxation and joy.

We hope you will be inspired to come and meet us all here in one of our walking weeks or retreats. 

new: painting week

Together with professional UK based artist Anna Martin I’m organizing a painting week in which our horses play the leading role. Capturing their spirit whilst developing your own style and confidence in the progress will be the challenge.  Join us from 15-22 September. For more information: Horse painting. Please find a registration form here: registration form painting week.

If you can’t join us all here  immediately, catch up with our news on my blog or follow me on Facebook (livingwithhorsesingreece) or on my youtube channel. Here is a short impression of a spring walk with the horses:  flowers and fun