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How to get to Pilion

route from thessaloniki to pilion

The closest airport is Makedonia airport, just to the south of Thessaloniki. From there you can take a bus or taxi to the Makedonia intercity bus station, which lies at the western side of Thessaloniki. Intercity buses drive regularly to Volos, the drive takes about 2,25 hours. At the bus station in Volos we will pick you up.

At you can book a taxi from the airport to the Makedonia intercity bus station. The taxi costs around 30 euros. The service is excellent.

At you will find time tables for intercity buses. The price of a one way ticket from Thessaloniki to Volos is around 18 euros. You can buy your ticket and reserve your seat online, but you have to change it into an actual bus ticket at the counter in the bus station.

If you are travelling with more people, you can also arrange a rental car from Thessaloniki airport. Traffic in Greece is relaxed and the national roads are quiet. There is a ring road around Thessaloniki that prevents you from having to drive through the city. There is also a ring road around Volos. Once outside the city, the roads are quiet again. We will give you specific directions when you’ve booked. We have good experiences with

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