September 2020

28 september 2020

September has been such a blissfull month. After the suffocating heat of July and August the temperatures dropped to a much better level, there were some rains and the sudden stormy winds brought high waves and wonderful skies. Our energy levels improved, making the work of finding olive groves for the horses to graze and fencing in the fields much lighter.

We’re learning how to go about finding owners of fields: sometimes a good looking olive grove is owned by four different people. In Pilion there’s always someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows the owner, and at the taverna in Argalasti they know almost everyone. And most people agree to have the horses on their fields. We’re getting good at this 🙂

There’s also energy again for activities with the horses. Our most favourite one still is taking them on walks. Four horses are free during these walks and it’s a great pleasure to see them galloping and kicking our of sheer joy. The longer we are with the horses, the more we love them and enjoy their company and energy. This is truly a beautiful life, however challenging it sometimes is.

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