I walk up to the horses’ field in the twilight, no torch needed. I make sure I make some noise, I sing a little, to let all creatures know I’m here. Especially the wild boar, who I don’t want to surprise. It’s a bit eery, this night world that horses spend so much of their time in and I know nothing about.

The moon is still round, the eclipse hasn’t started yet. Between the dark shapes of the trees I see the white horses moving and grazing. I walk towards them. They lift their heads, recognize me and continue grazing. I find a comfortable place to sit. This field is on a hilltop and I see the distant lights of the villages on the other side of the Pagasitic Gulf. The dog of the house below the hill is barking, other dogs in the village respond. And then there is silence. Complete silence.

Jenna stands in my view, she looks over the sea. Missirlou joins her, a short distance from me, in a resting position. Tolmi is to the right. She lies down, her white coat is almost luminescent in the moonlight. Jenna lies too. Prodromos stands close by under a tree, he’s vigilant now others are resting. Marouli and Melanouri are a little more distant. And then once more the silence. Complete vast endless silence. I take a few deep breaths and watch while the turmoil in my head slowly calms down and the stress begins to leave my body.

Missirlou suddenly moves, she now stands facing me, her attention directly towards me. This brings an enormous shift. I feel sadness welling up and let the tears flow. The pain is from always having so much to do for the horses that there’s so little time to be with them like now. There must have been so many moments that they were communicating something and I was too busy to hear. Now she just engulfs me. It is heartwarming and humbling at the same time. I stand up, reach out to her wanting to hug her but she turns her head away – that was not her intention. So I just stand in the glow of her heart energy.

The energy changes and I turn and look up at the moon. It now has a small part missing. I take out my Iphone to take a picture. Missirlou touches my head, my Iphone, my hand and my shoulder – yes now we can touch. I stand with her and stroke her head and neck. She starts yawning, one after the other, and again. Her turn to release.

The others have slowly moved away and I stay with Missirlou till she decides to join them. She turns around, yawns a few more times and then slowly walks away leaving with me an immense feeling of awe and gratitude. All I have to do is just be there, but really being there in openness and receptivity. Then everything flows.

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