Connection and creativity

8 July 2023

When we paint an object, be it a landscape or building, an animal or a human being, we of course look at shapes and colors, and at structures and textures. When it is a living being, we also look at the character, the ‘feel’ of the animal or person: who is this? And then we try to express that in our art work.

In our painting course in September, we will take the time to really feel into the horses. What is the atmosphere in the herd at this specific moment? Can we connect to that atmosphere? How do we do that? And how do we express this connection and atmosphere on paper?

During our course I will take you into the connection with the horses, and Anna will guide you each day with her demos and techniques whilst offering one on one guidance and help to harnessing your own style. As the week progresses you will emerge with a series of drawings and paintings in watercolor or acrylic describing the essence of these free-spirited horses whilst developing your own style and confidence in the progress.

The connection and confidence that we develop during the course can lead to beautiful results on paper. The horse then is not only an inspiration, but also a partner in creativity.

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