Changing seasons

22 september 2022

Join us in our lovely walk with the horses on one of the last hot days of the summer.

In these confusing times where all the old seemingly safe structures seem to be collapsing we need to find our own safety. In our local communities, in technologies that combine new possibilities with care for our beautiful earth, in new and respectful relationships with non human life forms. Spending time with horses in nature, listening to the sound of silence, breathing in and feeling the freshness of the far-traveling wind, being grounded in our body one step at the time, all this brings connectedness to nature, to the herd of horses and humans, to our heart. We feel how we are part of the bigger picture, how every one of our actions count, how each one of us is here to contribute our love and talents.

It is in the joy and power of connectedness that the seeds of change lie.

Enjoy our walk with the horses

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