Early Sunday morning walk

9 aug 2020

We are exploring the area of Kalamos to find nutritious and accessible areas where the horses can graze. When we were in Milina after a while farmers came to ask us if we could bring the horses to their olive groves – it is a nice win-win situation when the horses eat what is under the trees and leave their manure behind. Now in Kalamos we are in the exploring phase. We discover lovely olive groves but now in lock-down time it turns out to be quite a challenge to find their owners.

It is surprising how varied the undergrowth is in the olive groves. The field in this short video must be absolutely stunning in springtime. 🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🌞❤️😊

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The horses are in Kalamos!

21 July 2020

We’ve never had them so close to home yet. A 20-acre field, partly surrounded by woodland so relatively easy to fence in, full of different grasses and herbs. I just made a morning walk with Lisa to see them. We found them halfway the field, moving (I was going to write ‘migrating’ but that’s stretching it 😆)… moving towards the water barrels. We joined in with their movement, it was so relaxed and beautiful in the cool morning light 🙏😊❤️

The search continues. This field will last two weeks at the most, then we need new ones. Close to Kalamos, the bigger the better, accessible by car to bring them water. And we’re looking for a place for the winter, where they can have a shelter, where we can store hay.

For now I’m immensely pleased with this field!


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