Tolmi was born in 2000 and she is the eldest of the three white sisters.

She came to us in 2019, but my history with her goes further back – during the tours we made with these horses from 2015-2018 she was often my companion. We were a happy team and I immensely enjoyed the connection with her during those weeks. She is one of the sweetest horses I know.  

In the herd she is always a little on the edge or even some distance away, yet undoubtedly part of the whole. She has a quiet self assurance and what I would call self-awareness in a human. I find her easy going and equanimous. She is confident she will get what she needs. During walks she can stay behind at a particular tasty patch of grass and then gallop like a young girl to catch up with us. She is a happy and healthy horse, sometimes I almost feel she is glowing.

Tolmi is highly dependable with humans. She’s the first one I think of when there is a new pupil or a person who is a little afraid of horses. I am very happy and grateful that this lovely lady with whom I had such beautiful times during the tours, is now part of our herd.