Prodromos was born in 2016. He is the son of Kyran, and the grandson of Tolmi, the oldest mare. As a young foal he lived in the herd with his mother, later he lived with Kyran and another stallion. He was gelded in 2018.

The name Prodromos means ‘he who opened the way’. It is also the Greek name for John the Baptist. I find his name quite a mouthful. I’m not changing it, but I prefer calling him by the name Psarí, meaning Grey. As a foal he was a cute little Bambi horse, later he turned anthracite coloured, now he is getting more light grey and eventually he will be white.

After we had the horses for about eight months, we brought Kyran and Prodromos into the herd. Prodromos immediately started acting like a lead stallion, to the extent that he drove his father with whom he’d lived for quite some years out of the herd. We were surprised and shocked, also because the mares seemed to confirm his role and actions, while his father was by far the wiser and more mature personality.

Since the death of Kyran, Prodromos is the only male in the herd. He has sometimes acted roughly, forcing also Jenna the lead mare to let him eat or drink first. Melanouri has found a new mate in Prodromos. Missirlou can be irritated with him in the field, but on walks she runs and plays with him. Tolmi seems to be his guardian angle, she looks out for him. While the mares seemed overwhelmed by his actions in the beginning, now they sometimes team up to teach him a lesson, and he in his turn is becoming more subtle and responsible. But he’s also still exploring boundaries and behaviours.

Prodromos is the biggest horse in the herd, and now in 2022 he has grown into a large six year old. Physically not yet grown enough to ride, but certainly old enough to learn things. And he’s very ready and willing – I feel in general he is bored in the herd and wants to learn and develop. He is curious and inquisitive, he can be a little rough but also fearful. Physically he could do with some training in strength, coordination and balance. Slowly slowly when there is time, I’m working with him, and having more time to do this is one of my great wishes.