Missirlou was born in 2012, a daughter of Marouli. She is cousin to Melanouri, who was born in the same year. She has grown into one of the biggest horses in the herd, a stunningly beautiful chestnut.

Of all the horses, Missirlou is the most mysterious to me. On the surface she’s an easy horse, cooperative, outgoing, easy to ride. But in the two years she’s been with us, she has shown some changing behaviours. There was a period of uncertainty, and later a period of great anger. It was always controlled and she never formed a threat, but we were on our guard while at the same time accepting the fact she was feeling this way.

Lately she has softened, coming up to us for contact and touches, but in a careful way. She radiates warmth, but cautiously.  

In the herd she is inconspicuous and low ranked. She teams up with her mother Marouli a lot and leans on her and her position. Recently I’m discovering she plays an important role in the ‘fabric’ of the herd; she actively supports others when necessary.