Jenna was born in 2002 and she is the third white sister. She was lead mare in the family herd when they were all still together with their former owner, and she is lead mare in our herd now. She is strong, solid, reliable, responsible. While grazing she is the one who every now and then suddenly lifts her head, listening intently. She is attentive of what is going on in the herd. I feel her watching me when I’m interacting with one of the others, sometimes she comes close to silently be part of what is happening and sometimes she steps in. I greatly respect her.

I often rely on what she indicates, for instance during a walk when some of the others are a bit far behind; as long as she is ok with it, I trust it’s fine. But when she suddenly stops, looks back and listens, neighs… then I know she feels they’re too far behind and we’re going to wait for a response or for the others to catch up with us.