Meditating with horses

4 August 2023

I so love the work I do. Yesterday I led a meditation with the horses, with a 10 year old and her mother. It was lovely to experience how the little girl enjoyed her very first meditation ever, and how she connected with the horses ❤❤❤.

Throughout the year it is possible to join me in a meditation with the horses. We sit at a distance from the horses and relax into the stillness that we essentially are. We feel the connection with the horses, who sometimes gather in resting too or quietly continue grazing in the vicinity. These meditations have proven to be highly relaxing, but also comforting and empowering. From the stillness of the meditation, we often approach the horses afterwards to meet them. Because horses and humans have already been together in the quietness and openness of the meditation, these meetings are a true meeting of hearts.

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